Horse pretends to pass away when people try to ride it

Such acting skills by a horse!

If you think that people are the laziest on the planet who would come up with the most creative excuses to avoid work, you are wrong! There’s a horse in Mexico, that literally pretends dead whenever people try to ride it.

This adorable horse is Jingang. Either he is too smart, or just doesn’t want to work anymore. He’s just sick of dragging people around. He raises his legs in the air, sticks out his tongue and does his best to play dead.

Sometimes he falls to the ground right in front of his rider. It’s so funny to watch his acting talent. Here are some photos of the cute horse, as well as a video of him playing dead.

It’s a simple thing, but look how dramatic he is! The actor even sticks out his tongue! He deserves an award for his performance. Such acting skills!

Just close your eyes, and no one will notice you breathing heavily. Jingang’s video went viral immediately after posting it.

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