Blogger whose body is completely covered with tattoos

Tattoos make her special!

Becky is a famous blogger from the UK. The woman has become famous mostly thanks to her tattoos. She’s considered the most tattooed woman in the UK. Believe it or not, 95% of her body is covered with various tattoos, which make her image uniquely beautiful. However, when the blogger posted one of her archival photos, where she appears without her numerous tattoos, her fans went crazy. They mentioned that Becky looked more stunning without them.

Many people noted, that the woman had lost all her beauty and had ruined her body. The woman has become the topic of an endless criticism over her tattoos. “She used to look much better, and that’s for sure!”, “She has deliberately spoiled her appearance!”, “Why has she done that?”, “guess she just wanted some attention!”.

“These tattoos are what make her special!”, “She’s not interesting at all without her tattoos!”.

What do you think?

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