The most handsome famous men on our planet

The winners of the title “the most handsome man in the world” over the years

People magazine has already made up the list of the most handsome men in the world. More than 30 men have found their place in the list and they all deserve it! Surely, some of them have surpassed other candidates with their attractive appearance, as well as their fame. Here are the legends who are considered the most handsome:

Dwayne Johnson (50)

At the age of 44, this man became the absolute winner of the 2016 competition.

David Beckham (47)

In 2015, Beckham became the ‘most handsome man on Earth”.

Chris Hemsworth (39)

The legendary actor received the title of the most handsome man at the age of 31. He’s still winning hearts!

Adam Levine (43)

The singer was recognized as the “hottest man alive” at the age of 34.

Channing Tatum (42)

Back in 2012, the man was definitely worth this title. He has changed quite a lot since then.

Bradley Cooper (47)

Cooper was “the most handsome man of 2011”. He was 36 years old when he received the title. And now he is even more attractive!

Ryan Reynolds (46)

In 2010, 34-year-old Reynolds was the winner of this competition.

Johnny Depp (59)

Despite his age, Depp is still an icon for many people!

Hugh Jackman (54)

The actor received the title of the most handsome man at 40.

Matt Damon (52)

This man was the most handsome man of 2007.

George Clooney (61)

At the age of 45, Clooney was considered the most attractive man alive!

Matthew McConaughey (53)

He won the title of “the most handsome man” at 36. He’s attractive even in his 50s.

Jude Law (49)

Jude Law undoubtedly looked fantastic at the age of 31. However, nowadays many people think he’s just an ordinary retiree.

Ben Affleck (50)

Ben was 30 when he was recognized as the most handsome man.

Pierce Brosnan (69)

Here is the most handsome and iconic man on the planet of 2001. He’s just as charismatic now, as always!

Brad Pitt (58)

Not to forget about the love of millions of women! Brad is one of the most successful and legendary actors of all time. He has won the title of the most handsome man in the world several times!

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