So beautiful!: Victoria Ruffo at the age of 58

the actress became famous very quickly

The beautiful actress made her debut at 18. Her incredible beauty and charisma made Victoria famous all over the world. Her fame came especially after the film “Simply Maria”. The young actress found not only fame while filming, but also a husband. The man was Eugenio Derbez. However, they soon had an argument and broke up.

Victoria met the man and immediately realized t she was in love!

The marriage with Eugenio changed the actress a lot. Her husband believed the wife should stay at home all the time. The man got really jealous whenever Victoria was to stay on set.

It was only a few years later, when the actress realized her husband was jealous of her success. He was not as famous as Victoria.

Victoria started a divorce process. However, the man refused to give her money for the child.

As soon as Victoria got her freedom, she devoted her whole life to her career. In fact, she stopped talking to men and having affairs. However, Omar Fayad managed to influence the woman. The man expressed his willingness to love her and take care of her child.

Omar wanted an expensive and luxurious wedding. And Victoria appeared in a wonderful white dress. Hundreds of people attended the wedding ceremony.

Despite her age, the actress still looks amazing and young. The woman claims that she has never undergone any plastic procedures and her beauty is completely natural.

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