This girl is 134cm tall and is considered the smallest

She managed to come out of her shell and surprise the world

Meet Asta Young from Hong Kong! The girl is often called the “Thumbelina” in real life. Believe t or not, she is only 134cm tall.

Asta used to face criticism at school for her height. None of her classmates missed the chance of bullying the girl for her unusual stature.

As a result of all his mockery, the girl became self-isolated and didn’t have friends. The girl graduated and found a suitable job. However, she was still the same introverted girl with many insecurities.

Despite all the mental suffering, Asta decided to change her outlook on life and her whole lifestyle. Asta finally managed to overcome her complexes and insecurities.

Asta had a dream – to become a cosplayer. This dream motivated her to follow her goals and become the best version of herself. Her photos soon appeared on the Internet and left no one indifferent. After a while the girl became quite popular.

Asta came out of her shell and now delights the world with her charm and femininity.

Now the girl has a family and lives in the USA. Her husband loves her for who she is. She’s still obsessed with cosplaying and never wants to give up on her dreams.

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