Actress Rossy de Palma surprised everyone with her look

The actress ignores all the negative comments and tries to stay positive

Rossy de Palma is a Spanish model and actress known all over the world. She first became famous thanks to director Pedro Almodovar. The man met the woman accidentally, as she was singing in a bar.

Rossy is well aware of her unusual appearance, but the woman is self-confident and loves herself. The woman never compares herself to other models and actresses.

The unique actress often receives offers to appear in films. Various designers also want to see Rossy on their magazine covers. Her self-confidence is the key reason why everyone wants to collaborate with Rossy.

There are still people who dare to call the iconic woman “Baba Yaga”, considering her appearance “strange”. However, Rossy pays no mind to such comments and never falls into depression. The Spanish actress also ignores those, who suggest her plastic surgeries.

Do you also find her appearance “strange”? Share your opinion in the comments!

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