Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the verge of divorce

These rumors might upset the new King!

Seems that the fairytale of a princess living in a palace may end very soon. Rumors have spread on the Internet that there has been a serious argument between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s said, they they even started living separately.

For many years the couple has been in the center of attention. In fact, the relationship of the lovers have always caused criticism and has been filled with gossips. And here is another hasty gossip that might upset the new King.

As you know there’s a reality show about their family. However, now it’s not likely that the show will go on, if there’s a disagreement in the family. Royal expert Lady Colin Campbell was the one report this news. She told on her YouTube account that the spouses had had a serious argument. The couple has even turned to a lawyer. Colin claims, that she has clarified the news with trustworthy insiders. Turns out, that the couple decided to break up a long time ago, but pretend to be together in public. According to rumors, the prince has revealed the true nature of his wife and wanted to break up.

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