Siamese twins from Mexica amazed everyone…

These Siamese twins are incredible!

When the Siamese twins Lupita and Carmen Andrade were born, doctors didn’t predict a happy future for the girls. The twins are fused in the chest. Lupita and Carmen have separate arms, lungs, hearts, but their digestive and reproductive systems and liver are common. Despite all these difficulties, the girls have managed to get used to their condition and now live their life to the fullest.

The sisters are active on Instagram and have become quite popular. They often post new photos and videos, delighting their followers. Here you can see the sisters, dressed in stylish denim shorts and black shirts.

The sisters are often seen on TV, where they tell everyone their life story. Surprisingly, they can even drive a car!

Lupita and Carmen are willing to take part in volunteering projects in the future. They are both kind-hearted, ambitious and always willing to help others.

Recently, the sisters have categorically refused the offer to undergo a surgery, which will help them become independent from each other. They are afraid of the post-operative complications.

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