White baby was born in this African-American family

The baby’s appearance shocked everyone!

Francis and Arlette Tsybangu were looking forward to the appearance of their baby in this world. However, when the boy was born, the mother was shocked seeing his appearance. It was a white-skinned and light-haired baby boy!

The spouses had already had two children before unique baby was born. But the father was happy to know they were going to have another wonderful baby. The third child – Daniel – was born in 2011, in Leicester, UK.

“We were all in shock, including the doctors! They would constantly look at me and my wife and were speechless! Most probably, they thought I was not the father. In fact, I myself doubted it for a moment. But then I pulled myself together”, Daniel’s father shared his emotions.

Francis realized the boy was actually his son as soon as he took him in his arms. The man also didn’t doubt his wife’s loyalty.

He felt something incredible and amazing when he first held the completely white baby in his arms. It’s really surprising, considering the fact that both his parents are dark-skinned and dark-haired.

the wife was also experiencing mixed feelings. However, soon the mother noticed that the baby had her lips and his father’s nose. Now there was no doubt that he was their real baby.

“I was so afraid Francis would think the baby was not his! But when I saw the love and affection in his eyes when he first held the baby, I realized he never doubted anything!”, recalls the mother.

The couple then decided to go deep into their family history to find answers. The search was successful!

Turned out that there was someone else among their relatives with the same appearance. Their relatives told about the one woman who also had a completely white baby from her dark-skinned husband.

very soon the spouses decided to give up searching and focus on the children. After all, the health and happiness of their three children were the most important thing.

Now the spouses have two adorable boys and a real princess! The parents are happy to have such a unique child in their family. They consider him a blessing from the heaven!

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