Mom recorded her baby dancing to all types of music

Nothing can stop the girl when she’s in the mood

Kaylan Thoen can’t help laughing when her baby starts dancing. Whenever she turns on music, the baby girl starts dancing energetically. She’s definitely going to become a star.

The girl dances with her hips, twisting side to side. She might even have a pacifier in her mouth and still delight everyone with her dances wearing her adorable onesie.

The baby enjoys hip-hp and R&B. Just turn on the music and she will start dancing happily.

Kaylan can’t stop laughing while she’s filming her cute little daughter. It’s amazing to see how much talent this baby has at such a young age.

The little star looks like a real performer on stage in her leopard outfit. She already loves to be in the spotlight.

Kaylan is so proud of her baby! Her onesies look like comfortable and perfect dancing costumes. Nothing can stop the girl when she’s in the mood.

Kaylan expects her daughter to attend dancing classes and perform at school events in a few years. Probably nothing in the world is more adorable than a baby girl dancing with all her heart.

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