Blond girl was born into a Mexican family several years ago

Despite her unusual appearance, she’s still an ordinary child

The young family expected their second daughter look like her eldest sister. However, nature had other plans and gave the family a little angel.

At first the girl shocked everyone both in her family and in the hospital. Despite her unusual appearance, everyone still adores the girl.

Parents named her Tatiana, but everyone calls her Angel. Her mom believes God himself has sent her to their family.

Although Angel has a very unique and beautiful appearance, she still might develop anxiety and insecurity being different. So, her parents try to prevent the girl from such problems.

By the way, Tatiana is an albino, and not everyone is aware of it when they see her for the first time.

Usually, the eyes of albinos are sensitive to the sun, so Tatiana has to wear sunglasses outside.

In general, Tatiana is an ordinary child who enjoys playing and communicating with other children.

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