Man found his lost dog after 4 years of searching

The owner promised he would never leave his dog alone ever again!

Michael Joy experienced the worst feeling as a dog-owner. Three of his lovely dogs got lost. The two of them returned very soon. However, the third one that was only a few months old had left no trace after him.

Michael started looking for the little puppy, but with no luck. He promised his wife to keep looking for him until he is found. The man even started visiting all local animal shelters to learn some news about their dogs.

Soon Michael had to move to Kentucky with his family. However, he never lost hope of finding his dog. He was convinced that Sam was somewhere near.

Michael was regularly visiting his native town in Georgia in hopes of seeing Sam there. One day, he received a call from one of the animal shelters in Ohio telling him they had found a dog.

Initially, Michael didn’t think that it might be his puppy, but he also didn’t want to miss the chance which might’ve been the last one. After getting a brief description of the dog, Michael drove to Ohio.

Many years had passed and they both had changed a lot, but Michael believed that Sam would remember him. Turned out that Sam had undergone some medical examinations in the shelter.

The two friends were so excited to see each other again, that they couldn’t hold beck their tears. Michael promised he would never leave Sam alone ever again.

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