Football player sang the national anthem when no one would

The young guy is just proud of his homeland!

This football player took off his helmet and began singing the national anthem as he hoisted the national flag. He turned out to have a talent and experience in this.

High school football games always start with the national anthem and showing respect for the flag.

And what is no one is willing to sing the anthem?

Most of the times, the organizers play a recording of the national anthem if there is no live singer. However, this high school student couldn’t bear a recording playing his national anthem and volunteered to sing it himself.

Jackson Dean Nicholson was a football player at Arundel High School. During one of their matches, he took off his helmet, took his guitar and started performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of the whole school.

Watch the video below to feel his spirit proud of his country!

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