“So wonderful!”: What spectacular natural phenomena!

They are real natural wonders!

The cubs of a lion and a tiger have set a new record of species. There are about 1250 color tigers and 350 color lions on our planet.

They are not albinos! Their white coloring is the result of their genetics. This area was previously used to raise tigers. One of these cubs might become the biggest tiger in the world when it grows up.

Although he weighs 921 pounds, he’s enjoys playing with his siblings like a little kitten. Their caregivers watch the 4 amazing cubs grow up with surprise.

They seem to grow bigger every day.

Aside from the biggest of the cubs, there is another one that always seeks attention.

The cub will definitely outgrow his parents in size in the future. All 4 of the tiger cubs are the most valuable and adorable creatures in the sanctuary.

They are real natural wonders! What do you think?

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