Bon Jovi gave 300 homeless veterans their own houses

JBJ Foundation provides help to homeless people, especially veterans!

The whole world knows the name of Jon Bon Jovi. Now the rock star has retired from music and decided to devote the rest of his life to charity.

He is ready to help everyone in need and has even founded the JBJ Soul Foundation. The charity organization focuses especially on homeless veterans. These people have risked their health and life for the sake of their country and the people living there.

And here they are wandering the streets without a roof above their heads. To provide the heroes of the motherland with houses, the star allocated $525,000.

The fund is now working on building houses in all states. Bon Jovi himself has never served in the army. However, he wants to repay all the veterans and soldiers with as much kindness as possible. After all, not all of them are still able to serve the society and live their former lives. As a result, they end up in streets without a job and an accommodation.

The foundation was not alone. HELP USA decided to partner with them and provide some more help to the veterans.

Clifton Braxton (72) used to live in his car and a sofa together with his friends for almost 25 years. Now, with the help of the foundation, he has his own business and the house.

Latisha Austin (29) lost her house in 2017. She then started living in a shelter, where she spent almost a year. Now the woman has a flat in an apartment block. When she appeared in front of her flat for the first time, Latisha hugged the door and cried: “You’re mine!”.

Clifton and Latisha were lucky to meet Bon Jovi personally.

Bon Jovi even has a song devoted to veterans (the song “Unbroken”). The artist also gave a concert for the military, where he expressed his gratitude to all the veterans and soldiers. “We love them and appreciate what they do for the sake of their country and their loved ones, who never forget about them!”.

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