Dog was roaming the streets with a note on his collar

Everyone believes she will become a great rescue dog!

German Shephard named Rudy was found roaming the streets of Franklin, Indiana with a letter inside the bottle attached to her collar. Someone noticed the poor dog sitting alone under a tree, and decided to help her.

The man contacted Johnson County Animal Control organization to ask for help. The head of the shelter – Michael Delp – immediately sent some volunteers to bring the dog to the shelter.

The note explained that Rudy was coming from a loving and caring family. However, the father of the family had lost his job because of the pandemic and they were about to lose their house.

The dog had no health problems, she just needed a new loving family. After some investigation, the shelter staff found out that the man was actually telling the truth. They reached out to the family and decided to help.

Jeremy Pell – the head of the White River Township Fire saw Rudy on TV and decided she would be a perfect rescue dog. He went to the shelter and took her home.

Rudy now has a new name – Rosie Grace. She goes to work with her new owner every day. Sometimes she falls asleep on her owner’s desk and works hard on learning new skills.

She’s still a beginner in her new role, but everyone is sure she will become a great rescue dog!

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