“She took me to her goslings”: Mother goose asked help from the police officer

The goose turned out to be very clever!

Imagine you are sitting in your car and someone starts knocking on the window. Usually you would expect a person knocking, but this time, it turned out to be a goose. Many think that geese are afraid of people, but this one is probably used to people feeding and helping her.

Officer James Givens has never experienced such a thing in 26 years of his service.

“This goose suddenly appeared by my car and started knocking on the window. I gave her some food, but she didn’t accept the treat. She kept quacking and knocking. Then she left and came back after a while”. Then the officer said, then the goose headed away constantly looking back to the car as if calling the officer to follow her. The officer understood her and started following her.

“I followed her for around 100 yards and approached a stream. There I saw one of her goslings trapped around the stream”, said the officer. “She took me to her goslings”.

As the officer didn’t know how to act in such situations, he contacted the SPCA for help. Luckily, Officer Cecilia Charron also received the call and managed to provide some help.

Luckily, the goslings had a clever mother, and the experienced officer was nearby.

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