Dog met his beloved owners after 2 years of being lost

Both the dog and her owners were extremely happy to meet again!

Gregory and Victoria Hudler have been looking for their lovely dog Jodie for more than 2 years.

At some point Victoria had to leave Jodie with one of their relatives as she had some business to take care of. Then someone bought the dog from their relative without getting the permission for that. The Hudler spouses were shocked to find out the news. But they kept hoping that one day they would meet Jodie again.

Years went by, and the spouses started thinking that the chances of meeting Jodie again were slowly dying down. They started hoping again, when they received a call from a shelter in Tennessee saying that they had found Jodie. Two years had passed after her disappearance.

Wings of Rescue is an association that helps transport animals from war zones to safer shelters or even take them to their owners. They helped Jodie return home and reunite with her owners too!

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