This guy spent $7000 to look like Superman

He gives children hope that there are real superheroes in this world!

Herbert Chavez is a young man from the Philippines who has changed his appearance to look like Superman. He has spent lots of money for the sake of children, who wanted to meet Superman in real life.

Herbert has already undergone 23 plastic surgeries to turn from a dark-skinned Asian to the blue-eyed superhero. For 22 years Chavez has been working on his appearance to make it perfect. Currently he’s 41 years old. A question arises – how much can he actually maintain the appearance of Superman.

However, there is one problem the real-life superhero cannot solve – his beer belly. Herbert has turned to plastic surgeons with this issue, who suggested him doing sports and stop eating chocolates at late hours.

Liposuction and 6 packs implants could’ve solved the problem much sooner.

Later it turned out that the belly was not the only problem standing in his way. In the comics, Superman is 170cm tall, and Herbert is much shorter.

Although the average salary in the Philippines is $1.4/hour, Chavez was able to spend $7000 in his new appearance. Everyone knows that he grew up in a poor family. However, the man refuses to uncover the secret of how he had found so much money. His father earns driving a three-wheeled rickshaw in Calamba, and his mother is a street food vendor.

AT the moment the man earns money by cheering up little children with his cosplay. He loves to see the happy faces of the children. Herbert believes he gives children hope that there are real superheroes in this world!

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