This dog is a perfect big brother for his little human

Everyone loves this form of friendship

The parents of this baby worried a lot about their dog’s reaction to seeing the newborn. However, Avocado the dog turned out to be much more caring and affectionate to the baby than his parents expected.

The baby’s mother is Maria. She told, that at first Avocado thought Sam, the baby, was a toy and wanted to play with him. Over time the dog started accompanying Sam everywhere. Most of all he likes to lie down next to the baby and hug as if protecting him from everyone and everything.

The first few days Avocado would watch the baby from a distance. Maria mentioned that it took Avocado several days to realize the the supposed “toy” was not his and it was alive.

The other was happy to see how close friends her baby and her beloved dog are. “I get excited seeing how good of an elder brother Avocado is to Sam”, said Maria.

Everyone loves this form of friendship.

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