Girl was born with a clown’s nose. What she looks like after 3 years

Connie Lloyd was born in 2008. She would’ve been a totally healthy child, if there was not the one “but”. There was a red stain on her nose. The doctors assured the parents that it was a hemangioma, prescribed treatment and convinced them of a successful outcome. The treatment, however, was not successful. And the stain grew bigger, making the girl’s nose look like that of a clown. Connie’s mom would always cover the girl’s face, as people always pointed at her, and some even dared to laugh at the “clown nose”.

It took the parents three years to find a specialist, who agreed to take the responsibility of solving such a problem. And finally, the search ended successfully.

After the surgery, bot the parents and Connie herself couldn’t hold back their tears. After all, the already grown-up girl understood, that others considered her different from everyone else. She was very worried about this and used to cover her nose all the time.

Fortunately, this nightmare ended thanks to experienced doctors. Today only a small speck reminds the girl of her past. “Now I’m like my mom”, says Connie with happy eyes. After all, this was her dream, which has finally come true.

Now the girl is a cheerful kid. She is happy to meet new people and has a good number of friends.

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