“Precious Moment”: Deaf newborn hears her mother’s voice for the first time

Her reaction is the most precious thing!

Recently, a sweet video of a newborn and her mother went viral on the Internet. The video has already gathered more than 900K views.

Kristina, the mother, had long considered whether or not post the video. Finally, she made up her mind and shared this adorable video with the whole world. She wanted to show how hearing devices can help deaf people and make them happy.

Kristina’s baby was sleeping peacefully in her mother’s arms when her face suddenly changed as she heard her mom’s sweet voice. A hearing device was attached to the baby’s ear, allowing her to experience something new and very precious. Under the video, Kristina has also mentioned, that hearing device is not a magical thing that can cure the loss of hearing with a single wave. Deaf people cannot be rehabilitated.

The woman says that the child was able to hear her mom’s voice for the first time ever thanks to the device. This was a remarkable occasion for the family.

Christina started talking to her daughter very affectionately, and you can see the little girl shining while listening to her. The mother couldn’t help but express her feelings of love and care to her beloved daughter.


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“The joy and wonder on her face!”,”Oh my goodness! It’s wonderful that you’re sharing your feelings with us. Thank you!”  Some people even claimed, that they could notice some tears in the baby’s eyes.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Christina is happy she hasn’t missed miss the chance.

After watching the video, many people finally understood, that hearing aids are only devices, and not a cure. They do not cure deafness, but they allow people hear sounds that they have never heard before.

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