Cat hugged his foster father tightly right after seeing him

This is, probably, the cutest encounter of a cat with its future owners!

A man found this blind cat and took it to an animal shelter. The cat named Pinky seemed to be just fine with her condition. The poor kitten was all alone. Later, Hannah, one of the shelter’s volunteers, decided to take care of the kitten until she was ready for adoption.

Although Pinky had poor vision, Hannah said she was just like any other cat on the planet – energetic and playful. She really enjoyed running around the house.

Hannah shared Pinky’s story on Facebook hoping to find a permanent loving family for her.

Pinky’s story soon reached a couple, who liked the cat a lot. Although they had never seen the cat in person, the couple immediately decided to adopt her.

Now Pinky lives with her foster parents and is happy in her new home. As soon as Pinky felt the presence of her future owners for the first time, she immediately cuddled in the man’s arms and hugged him tightly.

This was, probably, the most touching and the cutest encounter of a cat with its future owners.

She moved in his arms trying to make herself comfortable, then slipped onto his shoulder. Now Pinky lives with her owners and a few more kittens.

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