What this woman looked like before turning into a Barbie

Real-life Barbie from Kentucky

Nannette Hammond is popular model, blogger and, believe it or not, a mother of 5 children. She cherished a dream to become a “living Kentucky Barbie”, and finally managed to reach her dream.

According to the Daily Star, Nannette used to look like any other local girl of her age at 16. She had beautiful brown hair, a stunning smile and deep brown eyes. However, the girl was not happy with her appearance. She wanted to look like a Barbie doll and this is how she got deep into plastic surgeries and procedures.

By the age of 46, Nannette had already undergone 3 breast augmentations. Other procedures, like lip fillers, hair bleaching and many others followed these surgeries. The woman likes to wear tight and short outfits, following Barbie’s style.

Nannette managed to create a successful career in adult magazines, thanks to her appearance. She has even appeared on the cover of Playboy. Nannette has an Instagram account with over half a million followers.

Despite her great love and passion towards plastic surgeries and procedures, Nannette is happily married. Her husband is her biggest supporter. The man adores his wife and doesn’t mind paying for her surgeries. Nannette and her husband have 5 children, who also adore and support their mother.

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