Man adopted a girl: Years later she surprised him with a gift

Fortunately, all his efforts payed off in the end.

Jay Page’s knew how exactly to make the man happy on his birthday. As usual, Jay sat down at the table with his family and friends and started opening his presents.

He picked up one of the gift boxes and tried to guess what was inside. He read the note first, then opened the box and found an envelope there. The man couldn’t hold back his tears when he opened the envelop and saw what was inside.

It was the girl’s adoption paperwork completed, waiting for his signature. He and his wife were ready to present the already signed paperwork on Monday. This was a very important thing for Jay. Probably, the most important!

Jay and Lisa met each other when they were 21. Lisa had a 2-year-old daughter – Celissa. Lisa said, that Jay was at first a little bit scared of the responsibilities of being a father. However, after some time Jay and Celissa turned out to be great friends.

A few years ago, it became known that Jay was unable to have his own children. So Celissa was a real blessing for Jay.

Jay has always treated the girl like her own daughter. He has taught her to swim, to drive and some things about self-defense. From the very beginning, Jay had always wanted to adopt the girl. However, he didn’t have enough money and opportunity for that. He completely lost his hope, when Celissa turned 18. The adoption process usually requires lots of money spent on lawyers, a great deal of determination and patience.

Fortunately, all his efforts payed off in the end.

Jay was so happy and surprised, he kept hugging his daughter and didn’t let her go. Very soon he pulled himself together and told the guests: “Every day I think about two things before going to sleep – your adoption and a possible marriage!”.

Jay is already halfway through his plans, so we can sincerely congratulate him!

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