Amazing results!: Girl didn’t wash her hair for 6 years

The girl has shared her experience on her TikTok account

Specialists keep working on creating the most effective hair care products.

Instead of the various types and brands of shampoos, conditioners and hair oils, this girl decided to try a completely different method. She decided not to wash her hair for the following 6 years. And the results are impressive!

The girl has shared her experience on her TikTok account. Her name is Laura Ashley and she is a 27-year-old vegetarian.

6 years ago Laura gave up not only hair care products, but also animal source foods.

The girl uses a wide-toothed comb to untangle her hair. In the end, she applies a small amount of oil on the ends of the hair so that they don’t split. Laura has mentioned, that after switching to this hair care method, her hair has started growing actively. And the hair in general look amazing!

However, the girl constantly faces criticism and negative comments from netizens, who don’t approve of her non-hygiene lifestyle. No matter what, Laura keeps posting TikTok videos.

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