The twin brother of famous actor Vin Diesel

The brothers form a great and handsome duo

Probably everyone knows world-famous actor Vin Diesel. He has achieved great heights on the screen and won the love of millions of fans. One of the most famous and beloved films of the actor is “Fast and Furious”. This worldwide fame, however, may as well be quite problematic in the personal life of many celebrities.

Not everyone knows that this talented and well-known actor has a twin brother named Paul. The brothers were born in 1967, and their mother brought them up all alone. They grew up in a bad financial situation, but ended up having everything they deserve.

Just like his brother, Paul is also interested in the film industry. The man is  an editor and works for Hollywood. Although the twin brothers do not look alike, they have a strong bond and are best friends. The brothers are now 51 years old and are popular in public. They form a great and handsome duo.

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