Adorable: Dog is taking care of a disabled cow

The friends are always together and make each other happy!

This domestic dog started taking care of a disabled cow in their farm. Now they are inseparable friends.

The name of this cow is Cupcake. Her front legs are bent outside, and hinder legs are further displaced. Despite all these problems, Cupcake is able to stand still.

Cupcake has a caring owner who looks after the poor cow every day and brings her food and water. But he is not enough. The cow also has a best friend – a dog named Bo. Bo is always by her side and encourages Cupcake to deal with her problems.

Cupcake is quite careless with drinking milk from the bottle and often spills the milk. Bo is there to clean the milk from her face. The dog also hugs Cupcake as if she was his own baby.

Their owner has mentioned that Bo and Cupcake enjoy playing with each other.

Madame Meyer is going to meet a veterinarian for some advice for Cupcake. She is ready to do everything for her to recover, even if she needs a surgery. The owner wants to give Cupcake the best possible life, no matter what it takes.

As for Bo and Cupcake, the wonderful friends are always together.

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