Japanese woman plays the violin with one hand

The woman plays an amazing melody by moving her right shoulder

Recently, a story spread on the Internet about a Japanese woman who pays the violin with one hand. The woman attaches the violin bow to a special prosthesis she has on her shoulder.

Listening to her music, it is actually hard to guess that the musician is playing with only one hand.

A video of this woman went viral on the Internet in September. To some people it seems nothing special.

The woman does a little warmup before her performance and then she attaches the bow to the prosthesis. From the first sights the prosthesis looks clumsy and it seems to fail to work. However, as soon as the woman starts playing, all doubts completely disappear. The woman plays an amazing melody by moving her right shoulder.

The video first went viral in Japan. In 5 days it gained over 10 million views.

And the name of this woman is Manami Ito. Playing the violin with one hand is not her only talent. The woman also likes to swim. Manami took part in the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Paralympics. By profession Ito is a nurse. She has one child.

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