Baby said his first words at the age of 2 months

He is definitely a gifted charming boy!

This cute baby was just trying all the notes and suddenly said a word without even realizing it. His parents managed to film the moment on a video so that they would never forget it.

They didn’t expect the baby to say his first words at 2 months when they turned the camera on. Was that a coincidence?

The mother started playing with the child: “Come on! I know you want to talk”.

At first he smirks at his parents, making them laugh. And when the boy uttered his very first word, his father was amazed.

Three times in a row the boy uttered the word “mom”. Although he then starts to scream much more than talking, it is still pleasant to listen to him.

Usually babies start talking when they are older than 2 months. Surely, he is a gifted charming boy!

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