Budweiser Clydesdale and Lab Puppy finally reunited

The whole video arises hope in people’s hearts

In 2014, Budweiser launched one of their most remarkable commercials.

It referred to Pet Love and featured a Labrador dog performing in a team of Clydesdale horses.

Everything starts with a few newborn puppies waiting to get adopted. While people are distracted with the newborns, one of the dogs runs out of its kennel and runs to the nearby horse barn. The dog reaches the barn and approaches a big horse that is getting ready for a performance. Then the dog reaches up to the horse with his little paw. The horse bends down, receives a sweet kiss on his nostril and starts spinning from excitement.

Stories and photos of the the friends appear on the internet and immediately go viral. After a while, he gets adopted and has to leave his big friend. The best scene is showing the pet looking out of the car window, while the attractive horses are following the car. Soon the surround the car, asking the puppy to return to the barn.

The advertisement reached the hearts of thousands of people and even brought tears to eyes. And now, Budweiser reunited with the two friends. In “Reunited with Buds”, the horse and the puppy travel over lands and seas to reunite after years of separation. The whole video arises hope in people’s hearts.

Both animals are adorable as always. Share this adorable story idea with your friends!

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