Angelina Jolie’s elegant look captivated everyone

“She deserves an Oscar for this outfit!”

Photojournalists have recently spotted world-famous and legendary actress Angelina Jolie shopping with her daughter Zahara. The iconic actress was wearing an elegant black outfit. Jolie is often seen in public with her daughters, and this time she took Zahara with her. The girl had taken a short break from collage to visit her family.

Angelina looked just stunning wearing a black coat, chick black high-heeled boots and sunglasses. She had her hair in a loose bun.

Her fans were especially amazed with her boots. By the way, Zahara was also in the same black color: she was wearing a black sweater, black jeans and converse shoes.

“She deserves an Oscar for this outfit!”, “So elegant!!”, “Angelina is gorgeous even without makeup”.

Did you like this outfit too?

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