What the gorgeous “Miss Earth Brazil” looks like

Many people underestimated her beauty

“The degree if beauty is much higher in Brazil than in the rest of the world”. This statement might be true, and some people even believe that it is absolutely correct.

The fact that many stunning supermodels are from Brazil or at least have Brazilian origin, proves this point. Some of these models are Gisele Bündchen, Izabel Goulart, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and many others.

Recently, Jessica Pedroso, an extremely gorgeous and charming woman, has joined the list of the most beautiful women in Brazil.

The woman won the “Miss Brazil 2022” beauty contest. 28 women from different regions took part in the final stage. Many of them didn’t agree with the jury’s decision, and scandals erupted after the competition. It turned out, that those behind the scandal didn’t even appear in the finale, although they were sure of their victory.

Moreover, many of the viewers and netizens claim that there were many other participants that were much more beautiful than Jessica.

Jessica Pedroso is 23 years old and works as a teacher. She was born in the family of teachers and is also a successful linguist and writer.

Jessica has a chosen one and often shares beautiful and emotional photos on her social network accounts. “Miss Earth Brazil 2022” is actively involved in a social project.

The project provides children from remote regions with proper education and is aimed to change the world and humanity for the better.

The beauty pageant took place in the Philippines. It’s the second time that representatives of Brazil are winning the contest (Priscilla Meirelles in 2004 and Larissa Ramos in 2009).

Jessica also received 30,000 reals, in addition to the award.

Do you think she deserved the title?

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