Natural beauty: Famous women without makeup

The natural beauty of celebrities is often overrated

Most of the time, ordinary girls and women compare themselves with famous actresses and models and consider themselves “not beautiful”. However, let’s not forget that we almost always see the celebrities on social events where they appear wearing fancy clothes, luxurious hair and heavy makeup. In fact, their natural beauty is quite overrated.

Bellucci – one of the most beautiful women in the world!

However, the Italian diva is not always ready to delight her fans.

And here is Charlize Theron. She doesn’t always appear with makeup, and still looks much younger than she actually is.

Mostly she the actress only uses a lip gloss to keep her lips moisturized.

Margot Robbie is rarely seen without heavy makeup. Apparently, proper makeup makes her look stunning and many fall in love with her appearance. But what if we wash it off?

The only time paparazzi can catch her on camera without makeup, is when she is on her way to gym.

We cannot miss out the most beautiful woman on Earth from the list of natural beauties. Photos of Angelina Jolie are all over the internet with and without makeup. Probably everyone will agree that she looks gorgeous in both ways.

What do you think about these legendary women?

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