So cute!: dog gave birth to 16 puppies surprising everyone

“101 Dalmatians” in real life

Dalmatians are considered the most famous, yet one of the most unusual dog breeds.

When this dog appeared in her new family when she was pregnant, everyone got delighted at the Fredericksburg vet clinic. This breed became famous after the release of the film “101 Dalmatian” (1996).

Our heroine gave birth to 16 puppies shortly after getting adopted.

Although there are not 101 puppies, still the amount is incredible. Newspapers started writing about this dog and her owner from Texas, and their story went viral. Britney Turner, a veterinarian, helped the dog with childbirth.

The birth began at night, and Luna, the mother dog, gave birth to 5 puppies. By 7a.m. everything stopped.

Usually big dogs do not have problems with childbirth, but Luna’s case was different. Doctors suggested taking her to a vet clinic. As soon as they found out that the 6th puppy was sick, they took Luna to hospital.

In the hospital, it turned out that there were many more puppies waiting to be born.

Soon puppies appeared one after another. Doctors tried to assure that there were no more puppies left, but the owner felt that there were still 2 of them inside.

The whole clinic staff wanted to witness this miracle. Soon all of the puppies were outside and doctors started the final calculation. There were 16 puppies – 5 born naturally, and 11 with the help of Cesarean section.

“All 16 of the puppies and their heroic mother are now undergoing a treatment and will soon recover. They are not 101, but still this is an incredible thing! She is a great mother and is taking proper care of her babies. The world record of the number of newborn Dalmatians is 19”.

One dog is enough for Britney and her family of four. They are going to look for caring and permanent families for the rest of the puppies, so that their house won’t turn into a circus.

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