Female dog was left alone with her 15 puppies

“The Cat Man of Aleppo”!

You probably remember Alaa (“The Cat Man of Aleppo”), who became famous for saving animals during the Syrian war. He was the only person that stayed by their side until the end. He spent several months in Turkey and then returned home. The man is now working on the reconstruction of a shelter for homeless cats and has recently saved the life of a dog and her 15 puppies. He is almost a saint when it comes to helping stray animals.

Last month, Alaa found a starving dog in an open field. Turned out the dog had just given birth to 15 puppies and needed help. Alaa took responsibility to providing the dog family with food and water supplies every day. He is also looking for a proper shelter for them.

A private Facebook group from Italy posted the story of the man.

“The Cat Man of Aleppo” has returned, reconstructed a shelter and saved the life of 16 dogs!”

Before meeting the man, the dog had found a cat shelter and spent a few days there.

“The rescuer – an ambulance driver – noticed a dog hiding in an open field”, the Facebook post read.

“Later, the man found 15 more adorable puppies”.

“Now he brings them food every day and also is ready to give them a shelter”.

Alaa was the only person who helped the mother dog and her puppies. She is really happy!

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