Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with Victoria Lamas

Leo DiCaprio has a new lover!

The recent paparazzi shots of Leonardo DiCaprio and the young actress Victoria Lamas delighted and surprised their fans at the same time. They were spotted leaving a night club and getting into the car. The fact that the actor has managed to find another lover after parting with Camila Morrone, surprises everyone.

Surely, this unexpected news immediately spread all over the Internet and fans started some rumors about their affairs.

By the way, the photojournalist who had spotted them was sure that the two artists were on a date.

They also claimed, that the couple was not alone in the car, but with some friends.

Rumors have also spread, that the actor was dating model Bella Hadid. She is also much younger than Leo. One day they were caught dining in a restaurant.

Do you think they are dating? Share your opinion in the comments!

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