Lion, tiger and bear have been wonderful friends for 15 years

A proof that friendship between species exists

Such friendships appear in fairytales, but this one is in real life. They are always together and the friendship lasts for 15 years.

This story is about Leo, an African lion, Cher Khan, a Bengal tiger and Balu, a black bear. They all were rescued in 2001.

They live in an animal shelter in Locust5 Grove, Georgia. Noah’s Ark is a non-profit organization which provides wild animals home, love and care. There are over 1500 animals of 100 species in the shelter.

The little babies were still too young to survive on their own in the wild, so the shelter staff took up their care.

Employees expected the animals to be separated as they grew up. However, that day never came. They are always together and enjoy playing with each other.

Unfortunately, Leo passed away in 2016. Later, in 2018, Cher Khan followed his friend.

Balu was left alone, and the staff did their best to console the lonely friend. They give him special attention so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

We are grateful to the shelter staff that gave the three animals a chance to have fun together for long years. This is a proof, that different species can be wonderful friends.

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