Photos of Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend

They look happy together!

59-year-old Hollywood star Brad Pitt finally decided to show his new girlfriend to his fans. Ines de Ramon is already 30 years old. She had graduated from the university and now is dating legendary Brad Pitt. The Hollywood star looks really happy with the young lady.

Their friends and relatives agree that the couple are meant for each other.

Surely, there are also people who do not approve of the young woman. These are the fans of Pitt+Jolie couple.

“How could he leave Jolie?”, “Jolie will always be the only one for us!”, “He must be kidding!”.

“Leave them alone! They are happy together”, “Life goes on and he needed to find  his true love!”,

This relationship is a second chance for Ines too. She is the ex-wife of Paul Wesley.

Do you like this couple?

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