Woman welcomed an 81-year-old widow into her family

Let’s make each other happy on holidays!

27-year-old Daniela Parson met 81-year-old Iren Smith when she was volunteering for the elderly. The two women easily found a common ground and became good friends. 10 years ago Iren became a widow and since then has been all alone.

Thanks to her friendship with Daniela, Iren now has a “foster family” – a daughter, a son and grandchildren. She often visits the family and brings gifts for the children. Surely, they celebrate Christmas together!

Daniela encourages everyone to do something good for lonely people if they have the opportunity.

Michael Parson – the husband – also supports his wife. Before meeting the lovely family, Iren used to live in complete loneliness and rarely went out.

“Iren needed a warm family environment and when we first met I immediately realized I wanted to help her. I invited her to tea and was planning to accept her in my family. My children adored her. We all accepted her as one of us!’, tells Daniela.

The presence of children gives her hope and will to keep going.

“We had an amazing Christmas last year! We all received gifts and were excited to open them. I wonder how the next Christmas will be! I have already got used to my new role as a grandmother and I love it! This year we are going to celebrate Christmas out of the city with friends. I am so excited!!”, says Iren.

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