Family left a ball on the beach which later saved a life

Such coincidences are extremely rare!

This family lost a big inflatable ball while they were on the beach. A week later, they found out that the ball had swum several kilometers and saved the life of a man who had been in the open sea for 18 hours.

Ivan Drag from Macedonia was on vacation in Kassandra Island, Greece. While resting on the beach, a strong wave swept him out to the sea. the man managed to stay afloat, but couldn’t overcome the tide. Ivan ended up in the open sea. There were witnesses on the beach so they reported to rescuers.

At some point, Ivan noticed a ball swimming by.

“The ball was not in the best shape but it still helped me get out of the water after 18 long hours”, said Ivan in his interview.

Later, the coastal guard found the lost tourist. Local journalists and newspapers covered the topic widely. This is how the family, who had lost the ball, found out about the “heroism” of it.

The mother of the family contacted the TV channel and reported that the ball was theirs. Her two sons – 11-year-old Tryphon and 6-year-old Thanos had lost the ball somewhere on the beach. They were happy that a human life was saved thanks to a strange coincidence.

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