Adorable foxes refuse to leave their rescuer

These foxes express their gratitude with their love

If you have watched “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, than you will probably find this story interesting.

This old man from Kilkenny, Ireland, lives in a small house with two foxes. Patsy Gibbons found two lonely foxes one day and decided to take them home. He named them Patsy Gibbons. It took him a long time to gain their trust and become friends. Although they are now completely healthy and can live in the wild on their own, the charming animals refuse to leave their foster father.

Local people adore and respect this old man in a white hat and kind eyes. They also like the two adorable foxes that are always with him. Local children like them so much, that they often invite the trio to school meetings.

“Now people keep turning to me for advice on how o take care of foxes. I am not a specialist, I am still learning, but can share some advice with those who need it!”, Gibbons said.

We are grateful to Mr. Gibbons for his kind job. The foxes are also grateful and pay him with their unconditional love!

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