Man built a rotating house for his beloved wife

He came up with a unique idea to meet his wife’s needs

Once an elderly man told Reuters in an interview what he did when he got tired of his wife’s never-ending complaints about their house.

“I told her I was going to develop a unique project for our house. One that will allow her rotate it in any direction”.

It took the old man 6 years to bring his idea to life.

At some point the man got hospitalized for a heart attack. “I begged the doctors to give me a chance to live one more year. Only I knew the details and the plan of my rotating house, so no one else could carry it out”, he told.

The old man added, that his project could not be considered something innovative. One just need time, patience and a great will. The house is near Srbac.

Due to its ability to rotate, the residents of the house can enjoy different views from the windows. His health condition didn’t prevent the man from making his wife’s dream come true.

The house rotates at the speed of 24 hours minimum and 22 seconds maximum.

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