Neighbors complained about the noise to the police…

The Police did the unexpected!

Birthday is a great occasion to have fun with friends and relatives and relax from work and studies. However, the complaints of neighbors may ruin the whole fun.

This was the case during the celebration of quinceañera of this girl. However, the neighbors didn’t succeed in their plan. They called the Police, and instead of canceling the celebration, the policemen decided to join the party.

Quinceañera is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in Latin-America communities. This day represents the transformation of a girl into a woman. The celebration takes place in a beautiful place, everyone should wear fashionable evening dresses. The party includes tasty food and, of course, loud music.

You can already guess what caught the attention of the neighbors. And when the Police arrived, they received an invitation to take part in the celebration. They, of course, accepted the invitation and joined the fun.

As a result, the officers got an opportunity to have fun and also eat something so that they would be able to finish their shift. They made the birthday party even more remarkable and took pictures with the young lady.

The party could have had a sad end, but the officers didn’t let some complaints ruin the girl’s day.

The story quickly went viral and received lots of positive comments. And still there were people wo believed that parties should not be loud, but the positivity won!

Hope their neighbors understand how important the loud music and fun were for the young girl!

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