Man lost his mother’s ring and found a surprise years later

54 years later a miracle happened!

In 1968, Dave Radley received a gold ring as a gift from his mother for his 21st birthday.

However, after a few days Dave lost the ring while harvesting strawberries in their village. Dave kept looking for the ring, but all his efforts were in vain.

And 54 years later a miracle happened!

One day, Dave’s friend Peter Lovett called and told him that he had found a ring with the help of a metal detector. At that time Peter was the owner of the farm. The ring was 7 inches down in the ground and was well-preserved.

It hadn’t changed even a little bit, which could not be said about its owner. The ring was already too small for his fingers. So, Dave had to transform the ring a bit so he could wear it.

Later Dave explained that they were not so wealthy back in those years when his mother bought the ring. And she was not upset because Dave had lost it, but because of his reaction to the accident.

“I thought I was dreaming when Peter called me. Anyway, I am happy he found the ring and gave it back to me”, added Dave.

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