Sweet surprise of twins for their stepmother

Nothing material could express their love toward their stepmother!

Nowadays, many spouses divorce and marry someone else. As a result, a negative opinion is formed about stepmothers. To prove everyone wrong, these twins decided to surprise their stepmother with a pleasant gift and share their story online.

Becky is not a stepmother anymore. She has been taking great care of the twins Gabriella and Julianne for 12 years. The sisters consider Becky a gist of fate. They are endlessly grateful to the woman for her unconditional love and care.

Gabriella and Julianne decided to surprise Becky on the Mothers’ Day. They didn’t want to give her anything material. Nothing could express their love toward the woman properly.

They thought for a while and finally came up with a beautiful idea. They made a family photo album and left a note on the last page. It was a request if Becky would like to adopt them and officially become their mother.

The sisters filmed the whole moment. Becky read out: “You are a family, you are a home, your are a true definition of a mother. And we have one question for you…”

Becky couldn’t hold back and just burst into tears. She could just nod her head, then took a pen and signed the document.

Those were not fake documents. The twins had prepared the official adoption document that was the first step to the adoption process.

It is not important whether you are a biological or a stepmother. The most important thing is what you give your children.

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