Veterinarian treats stray animals for free

Doctors are angels without wings!

Dr. Stewart Kwane is a real hero for stray animals, who treats animals for free. Initially, this was one of the key reasons why he became a veterinarian. Homeless people in California call the man ““street veterinarian”.

Life is already difficult for homeless people, but it gets worse when their favorite pets get sick and they have no opportunity to treat them. Fortunately, Dr. Kwane is always around and is ready to help the sick as much as he can.

“I used to study advanced medicine to have customers that could afford this in the future. Then we ended up in an economic war and most people couldn’t even afford treating their pets”, explained the “street veterinarian”. As he wanted to change the for the better, Dr. Kwane started taking care of stray animals.

He has been carrying out his plan since 2011, offering homeless animals free food, procedures and free medical examination. Dr. Kwane didn’t expect so many people to turn to his help.

The veterinarian realized that his services were in great demand. Now he spends his weekends wandering the streets and treating sick animals on his way.

For those animals, that are in much worse physical condition, Dr. Kwane is ready to pay the hospital bills. Everything for out little friends to be healthy and happy. He is even ready to pay for surgeries that cost thousands of dollars. The man has a GoFundMe account which helps him with the good work.

Many homeless people rely on their pets greatly and cannot live without them. The kindness of this veterinarian has saved thousands of human and animal lives.

Dr. Kwane has become a real inspiration for many other vets.

We are grateful to this man for his kind and selfless actions!

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