“Burst into tears”: Tom Hanks and other celebrities pay tribute to the charity work of Gary Sinise

Several legendary actors decided to share a special message and thank the man for his services

Probably everyone has watched at least one movie with Gary Sinise. The roles he has played are various – from policeman to soldier, and even a villain. Although Garry is mostly known for his role in Forrest Gump, he has played dozens of significant roles during his decades-long career.

Most of his fans think acting is Gary’s main passion, that’s why he is so successful and talented. However, there is something more important for the actor. Although he is a world-known actor, the man is also worlking hard to improve our society in his free time.

Gary Sinise has started the Gary Sinise Foundation, supporting active military members, veterans and those who accompany them.

This is an amazing and admirable foundation and charity job. Gary’s hard work makes him stand out from the crowd. Recently, the actor was surprised with a tribute in honor of his efforts. And when he got to see the tribute in his honor, Gary could hold back his tears.

The 63-year-old actor has also paid a visit to the troops overseas. His role in Forrest Gump as Liutenant Dan helped him created a much stronger bond with veterans.

His character was an injured soldier. Through his significant role, Gary realized all the hardships that military solders face all the time and overcome them with honor.

Sinise’s new memoir called Grateful American has recently been released, and a number of legendary actors decided to share a special message, thanking the man for his services.

Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and Kristin Chenoweth paid tribute to the actor and his foundation. They also enlisted some veterans to send their own special gratitude message to Sinise.

One of the families that managed to receive a house with the help of the Gary Sinise Foundation sent probably one of the most touching gratitude videos.

What do you think about Gary Sinise and his charity work? Do you know anyone who has received support from the Gary Sinise Foundation?

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