Brave guy with Down syndrome became a hero

Such a heroic deed couldn’t go unnoticed!

Valerio Katoya was born with Down syndrome.

In order to improve his physical condition, the boy started going swimming at the age of 3. Valerio not only learnt to swim, but also became a professional swimmer. He has even taken part in the Olympics!

One day, Valerio and his family went to have fun on the beach in Lazio, Italy.

He was with his father and younger sister. Suddenly, they heard someone crying for help. Turned out there were two little girls, 10 and 14 years old, drowning in the water. The current had dragged the girls deeper into the water. Valerio and his father didn’t hesitate to jump into the water to save the children.

Being a professional swimmer, Valerio knew how to treat a drowning person properly. Rescuers arrived as soon as Valerio and his father took the girls out of the water.

Such a heroic deed couldn’t go unnoticed!

Valerio later received a Medal for Courage and Sports Skills from the Minister for Sport of Italy. His parents are proud of their son, and other people with disabilities have found a source of inspiration in the guy.

He is a real hero!

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