Guy saved an elephant cub and carried it through the forest

The elephant will never forget his rescuers!

We usually see people riding elephants, but rarely the opposite. Imagine carrying a living being on your shoulders that weighs over 100kg!

Palanisamy Sarathkumar is a forest guard. In 2017, after finishing his night shift, the man was reported about an elephant causing a traffic jam near the temple of Veerabhadra Kaliamman.

He contacted his colleagues who helped the man solve the problem. They used crackers to lead the elephant into the forest.

In the forest they came across an elephant cub stuck in the ditch. The little guy was exhausted and couldn’t get out of it. Palanisamy and his colleagues decided to help the cub. They pulled the cub out of the ditch and started looking for his mother. The elephant was too exhausted, so Palanisamy decided to carry him on his shoulders.

Although the cub looks small and really cute, it is actually heavier than we can imagine. He weighs over 100kg, so it was really difficult for the man to carry him.

He left the elephant near a well, hoping that his mother would find him there. The next morning they returned to the well and found out that the cub was not there. There were two types of footsteps near the well – small and bigger. Palanisamy realized, that he had left with his mother at dawn.

Hope the little elephant cub recovered soon and would never get lost again!

And Palanisamy and his friends deserve more respect than many remarkable people in the world.

The elephant will never forget his rescuers!

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